Kazakhstan climbs up Passport Index’ Country Welcoming Rank

Kazakhstan has climbed one position to 56th in the updated Passport Index’ Country Welcoming Rank. Citizens of 37 countries can visit the state without a visa, whereas citizens of 51 countries can obtain an entry permit at the airport. More than 20 most tourist-friendly countries out of 198 provide a simplified procedure for visits in 2023. They include Maldives, Gabon, Ethiopia, Micronesia, Somalia, Rwanda, and Samoa. North Korea, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan were ranked the least welcoming. These states do not have visa-free entry for any country. Kazakhstan is looking forward to expanding visa-free travel for its citizens to European countries. Last year, the country signed agreements on mutual visa exemption with Albania, Andorra, and Serbia, as well as a seasonal visa-free regime with Montenegro.