Kazakhstan detects no cases of new coronavirus strain

Kazakh Chief State Sanitary Doctor Yerlan Kiyassov one more time urged residents to follow sanitary measures, because the epidemiological situation in the country began to deteriorate again. Kazakhstan has moved from a ‘green’ zone to a ‘yellow’ zone in terms of the spread of COVID-19. First of all, Kiyassov asked Kazakh citizens to refrain from going out to parties or paying visits to friends and family, and wear masks. He also mentioned the new UK strain of COVID-19 that is raging in the world.

“It should be noted that mutation is a natural part of the evolution of viruses. In September, the first case of the new coronavirus variant was detected in south-east of England by viral genome sequencing, which consists of many genetic line changes. To date, this type of virus was detected in several countries, including Australia, Denmark, Italy, Iceland, the Netherlands, Russia and others. According to preliminary data, the new virus strain, unlike other variants, is spreading more actively among young people. But this is still preliminary data. The study of this phenomenon is still ongoing. Not a single case of new COVID-19 strain has been detected in Kazakhstan. Given the airborne transmission of the virus, the risk of this variant to be imported into our country cannot be excluded,” said Kiyassov.

Kiyassov added that despite the worsening epidemiological situation, there are no plans yet to introduce the state of emergency in the country.