Kazakhstan develops child nutrition guide for parents

Kazakhstan has developed a guide for parents on proper nutrition for children, which includes practical recommendations and expert advice on feeding babies from six months to three years of age. Experts from the National Public Health Center, with the support of the UNICEF and the Alliance of Women’s Forces of Kazakhstan, took part in the implementation of the project. The developers said all the information in the book is presented in Kazakh and Russian languages and, for the time being, only in electronic format. The printed version of the guide is planned to be published in the coming months and then distributed to medical organizations, educational institutions and local executive bodies. Experts say that one of the main goals of the project is to teach young and inexperienced parents in organizing proper nutrition for their children from an early age.

“There is not such a book yet in the rest of the Central Asian region and in Caucasus. So far, only Kazakhstan has developed such a project. The book contains recipes that will help parents to cook properly and understand the composition of the dish, what it should be made of, what products to use, how they should be processed, in what form they should be given to a child. Thus, at six months, complementary foods are introduced and the transfer of the child to nutrition without breastfeeding from the age of three onwards is carried out,” said Natalya Yushitcina, Chief of Staff at the National Center of Public Healthcare of Kazakh Health Ministry.