Kazakhstan enters top 50 countries in PISA rating

Kazakhstan has entered the top 50 countries participating in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) rating. The results of the PISA survey assessing abilities in mathematics and science were published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The international study evaluates the quality of education for 15-year-old teenagers in various countries every three years. Among the 81 countries, Kazakhstan ranked 46th in mathematics and 49th in science.

“This marks a significant breakthrough for the Kazakh education system. We have achieved these results due to comprehensive support from the Head of State and the Government. Of course, the distinctive contributions of teachers and students have played a special role in this success. Their work is truly invaluable,” said Gani Beisembayev, Kazakh Minister of Education.

“This year, the survey has involved 571 educational organizations, with a total of 19,769 students aged 15. Overall, seven participating countries, including Kazakhstan, have improved mathematics results compared to 2018. Also, 18 countries, among which Kazakhstan ranks first with a 26-point increase, have enhanced science scores,” said Natalya Zhumadildayeva, Kazakh First Vice Minister of Education.

It is noteworthy that international experience is taken into account in the systematic work to further improve the quality of education that continues across five key areas. Among these are strengthening management and developing a pool of leaders through the ‘1,000 Leaders of Change in Education’ program, updating educational programs to develop 21st century competencies, implementing a comprehensive program to support rural schools, constructing new educational institutions as part of the Comfortable School national project and others.