Kazakhstan establishes National Geological Survey

Reliable geological information is the key to attracting investments to the country. The formation of such a database in Kazakhstan will be carried out by the National Geological Survey. This was announced by Kazgeoinform Director General Zhanat Karibayev. The National Geological Database project will open online access to the results of geological surveys. These materials can be used by the country’s government, national companies, investors, subsoil users, scientific organizations and even universities.

“As part of the activities of the National Geological Survey, a qualitative analysis of geological and geophysical study will be carried out on the basis of both archival data and geological reports, and up-to-date geological information. In particular, on prospective subsoil use facilities with taking into account the existing infrastructure. Thus, geological packages will be formed and provided to potential investors,” said Zhanat Karibayev, General Director, Kazgeoinform.

Presently, the Atlas of Solid Minerals is also being developed in the country. It will be a kind of guide for geologists and investors.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova