Kazakhstan extends foreigners’ residence permits

Kazakh authorities have revised the rules on the residence of foreigners and stateless persons in the country. People with expired temporary residence permits, will be allowed to leave the country without facing administrative fines. This was announced today by the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“In the absence of direct transport, air, road and rail links, and while borders are closed for transit traffic, foreigners and stateless persons are allowed for temporary stay in the country,” said Sabyrzhan Seytzhanov, Deputy Chairperson, Migration Service Committee.

According to the law on migration, foreign workers may not reside in Kazakhstan for more than 12 months. However, borders with many countries are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it has become more difficult for immigrants to return home. The residence permit was extended until June 5, 2021. All foreigners now need to settle their status with the migration police. If the residence is not legalized, violators will be brought to justice.