Kazakhstan forms pool of 98 transportation investment projects

Kazakhstan has formed a pool of 98 investment projects worth over 31 billion tenge in the sectors of railway and maritime transport, aviation, and roads, as reported by the country’s Ministry of Transport. Over the next few years, the industry aims to attract at least $40 billion to bolster the country’s transit capacities and implement all planned initiatives. The ministry outlined various strategies to attract more private investment into the transport system. These include granting private investors the right to build tracks on main railway lines and developing railway infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPP). The Transport Ministry has also proposed a set of measures to encourage investors to allocate funds in the air transport field. These measures entail establishing special economic zones at airports, reforming their tariff policies, boosting aviation fuel production, and providing preferential loans for purchasing specialized machinery and equipment. According to the ministry, a Kazakh delegation recently visited Belgium, the Netherlands, and Romania to attract investments from European countries and took part in a series of meetings with relevant ministers. A number of agreements were reached following the negotiations with ministries, international financial organizations, and key European investors.