Kazakhstan, France conclude treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters

Kazakhstan and France will render each other assistance in criminal investigations. The Kazakh Mazhilis passed the law on the ratification of a mutual legal assistance treaty between the countries. The document was presented by Asset Chindaliyev, the country’s Deputy Prosecutor General. According to him, the treaty defines the conditions and procedure for rendering legal assistance, and the grounds for its refusal. Also, the parties will be able to send each other requests for search or seizure of property. Besides, the countries can conduct legal proceedings to prove the guilt of the suspected and accused of crimes, along with temporarily transfer of persons in custody. At the same time, Chindaliyev added, treaty provisions enable to send requests to ensure that investigations are complete, witnesses and victims are examined, and to seize physical evidence.

“The treaty also sets out the grounds for refusing legal assistance. In particular, legal aid is not available if it poses a threat to the country’s sovereignty, security, and public order; if it concerns the gender, nationality, religion, political and ideological beliefs of a person; if the statute of limitations has expired; and if the execution of the request contradicts the legislation of the parties. The treaty has been concluded on the basis of international agreements of this kind. In total, Kazakhstan has concluded similar agreements with 29 states,” the Deputy Prosecutor General said.