Kazakhstan hosts first UN military observer training

Kazakhstan is hosting practical training for UN military observers. The pilot course is being held at the Peacekeeping Operations Center of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense in the Almaty region. Previously, domestic servicemen have been trained to participate in such operations only abroad by foreign specialists. The course program was developed by experienced instructors, who have solid peacekeeping experience abroad.

“Due to the urgency of sending military observers on a mission, it became necessary to organize our own courses. The courses were arranged in accordance with all UN training requirements and documents. This is a pilot course, and we also plan to officially certify it in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations next year,” said Rustem Suleimenov, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Defense.

Military observers are trained in operations such as capture, interrogation and hostage release. They must maintain composure, act competently and promptly in crisis situations, and most importantly, be emotionally stable. Not only soldiers from Kazakhstan but also from other countries including in Central Asia will receive training at the Peacekeeping Operations Center in Almaty if the course obtains certification. It bears noting that Kazakh servicemen participated in UN missions in Nepal, Western Sahara, Lebanon, the Central African Republic and the Republic of Mali.