Kazakhstan hosts second equestrian marathon from Astana to Turkistan

Kazakhstan is hosting an equestrian marathon-baigue (horse race) titled “Uly dala zhorygy”. Having started in Astana, the marathon will cover the Akmola, Karagandy, Kyzylorda, Turkistan and Ulytau regions, with the finish line in Turkistan city on September 19. In total, 20 teams of riders from all over the country will overcome 1,300 kilometers in 14 days. The horse race is held for the second time as part of the sixth National Sports Festival. Yerlan Koshanov, the Chairman of the Mazhilis, a Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, welcomed the participants of the competition.

“Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has always been focusing on the promotion of national culture and the development of national sports. As you know, on the initiative of the Head of State, Kazakhstan is preparing to host the fifth World Nomad Games next year. Holding such a large-scale event is a big responsibility for the state. And this festival is the beginning of the international competitions,” he said.

Over 1,300 athletes from all over Kazakhstan are participating in the sixth National Sports Festival, which takes place every four years. They will compete in eleven sports. The winners will be announced on September 11.