Kazakhstan – Hungary: Prospects for cooperation

Trade between Kazakhstan and Hungary is growing steadily.  During the first quarter of 2023 alone, Kazakhstan exported 38 percent more goods to the European state. Hungary, in turn, has increased its supplies to Kazakhstan by a quarter over the same period. Hungarian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Otto Ivan Rona said this in an exclusive interview with Silk Way TV channel. According to him, 32 Hungarian and about 40 Kazakh-Hungarian joint ventures in agriculture, trade, construction and mining spheres are operating in Kazakhstan to date.

“Hungary supplies the country with chemicals, high quality seeds, electronic devices, as well as laboratory instruments in large quantities. In 2022, Hungary’s exports amounted to $196 million, while imports reached $232 million, with Kazakh oil making up its largest share,” Rona informed.

In addition to strengthening trade and economic relations, Kazakhstan and Hungary are also interested in expanding cultural and humanitarian cooperation, which is feasible due to the close historical ties between the states, according to the ambassador. Besides, the parties are developing partnerships in science and education. For example, every year, Kazakhstan gives 250 grants to students to get free education in Hungary under special scholarship programs.

“These programs are gaining popularity. This year, 1,471 students applied for 250 grants. I have just got a list of 178 applicants who received scholarships. Approximately 1,000-1,200 Kazakh students are currently enrolled in universities in Hungary, including undergraduate, master and future PhD students,” said the ambassador.

In 2022, Kazakhstan and Hungary marked 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, during which the European country has become an important partner of Kazakhstan in the European Union. To date, the two states have concluded a number of intergovernmental agreements aimed at deepening trade and economic cooperation, as well as promoting and protecting investments.