Kazakhstan implements 30 innovative developments in highway construction

Last year, 30 innovative domestic developments were implemented in the road construction in Kazakhstan. These innovations will extend the service life of asphalt pavement, enhance its reliability and, accordingly, safety, as well as reduce the design and construction time for highways. Scientists selected the most effective and well-established developments out of over 80 those tested on experimental sections of the national roads in 2023. According to experts from the Kazakhstan Road Research Institute, this work is conducted regularly. Researchers are constantly developing new technologies and materials. It is worth noting that the expansion of transit and transportation potential in the country is a strategic task. In general, there are plans to build more than 4,000 kilometers of new roads in Kazakhstan.

“In recent years, only foreign building materials have been used in road construction, such as bitumen modifiers, soil stabilizers and others. Scientists from our institute have already tested the latest additives in the laboratory. Currently, they are all being tested and monitored at experimental sites. Thus, we finally have domestic products in Kazakhstan,” said Meiramgul Kabdygaliyeva, spokesperson for the Kazakhstan Road Research Institute.