Kazakhstan implements infrastructure projects in tourism industry

Work on the development of tourist infrastructure in Kazakhstan continues. For instance, a road is being built in the Imantau-Shalkar resort area, while access road reconstruction going on to popular Lake Zhasybai. Coastal work is underway on Lake Alakol in the Abai region, whereas Bertys Bay in the city of Balkhash is being improved. A total of 83 tourism development projects are currently being implemented in the country.

“The work is intended to increase the country’s investment attractiveness and improve our tourist infrastructure. The cities’ and regions’ administrations are getting appropriate competence to address the existing problems of infrastructure development outside the villages and in the territory of national parks,” noted Akmaral Menlibek, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

28 large infrastructure projects were completed in the country last year. Among them is the construction of engineering communications in the Balkhash resort area and the road to the city of Aktau. The launch of airports in Usharal and Urzhar was a remarkable occasion, as the potential of air transportation was significantly expanded.