Kazakhstan implements innovative technology of oil waste processing

Kazakhstan implements innovative technology of oil waste processing

Innovative technology of oil waste processing is being implemented at enterprises of Kyzylorda region. The innovation of domestic scientists will solve the problem of oil sludge disposal and convert up to 98 percent of the toxic product into a valuable commodity. The industrial launch of the unique modular plant took place at one of the region’s oil fields.

“We recycle 98 percent of the waste collected over the years. That is, receiving waste as raw materials we process it and obtain commercial oil of the first category of quality. We also obtain filtered water in compliance with the state standard, which gets into the reservoir pressure system and produce a solid material, which can be used in road construction,” said project’s author Aslan Oryngaliyev.

The modular complex is capable of processing all possible types of oil waste. The multi-stage work process is completely automated.

“All pressure sensors can be controlled from this console. We can turn the pumps on and off, connect sensors and take readings of pressure gauges and thermometers with the purpose of tracking raw materials. We also monitor the quality of raw materials and products produced,” explained process engineer Mukhtar Ospanov.

The pilot project went through the entire cycle of industrial launch. Several domestic oil companies have already expressed interest in the modular innovation.