Kazakhstan increases investments in road construction

Almost 40 billion tenge (US$93.6 million) was invested in the construction of highways in Kazakhstan in the first four months, the portal Finprom.kz reported. Half of the funds were allocated to the Almaty region and amounted to 20.5 billion tenge (US$48 million). Aktobe and Karagandy regions are in second and third places, respectively. At the beginning of the year, the length of public roads in Kazakhstan amounted to almost 96,000 kilometers. About one fourth of them are highways of international and national significance. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, as of June 1, fees for four toll sections of Kazakh highways already amounted to 2.3 billion tenge (US$5.3 million). Last year, 5.7 billion tenge (US$13.3 million) were collected. Funds have also been allocated for road maintenance.

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova