Kazakhstan increases penalty for exceeding emission standards

The polluter pays! The revised environmental code provides for new regulations. Kazakhstan will increase fines for vehicles that emit pollutants into the air above acceptable standards. The fines will amount to 10 Monthly Calculation Indices (MCI), equivalent to 29,170 tenge (US$70). Legal entities will have to pay a fine of 100 MCI, equivalent to 291,700 tenge (US$696). If the offence is repeated within a year, these fines will increase twofold.

Kazakhstan increases fines for exceeding emission standards

For individuals - 10 MCI*

For legal entities - 100 MCI

In the event of a repeated offence:

For individuals - 20 MCI

For legal entities - 200 MCI

*Monthly Calculation Index

“This rule has not yet entered into force, it will take effect on July 1, 2021. Under the current legislation, the fine for violation amounts to two MCI for individuals, equivalent to 5,834 tenge (US$14), and in the event of a repeated offence, it is doubled,” said Assel Mukhametzhanova, spokesperson, Kazakh Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources.

What kind of cars are at risk of being fined? This is a question that should be addressed to the technicians. Each vehicle must be scheduled for an inspection, where specialists check how much this or that car pollutes the environment. The old cars with high mileage pollute more.

Negative effect of emissions also depends on the quality of the fuel. All these factors should be checked by those who actually issue the diagnostic card of the vehicle inspection. Transparency is important in this case, because it’s not that easy for specialists to test a car for the level of harmful emissions.

 “Currently, we check emission level during scheduled inspections of large enterprises, which take place once a year. So, accordingly, we check the transport department for emission standards. As for the ordinary cars, the drivers should voluntarily and more responsibly approach this issue and conscientiously undergo a technical inspection,” said Assel Mukhametzhanova, spokesperson, Kazakh Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources.

Specialists check compliance with emission standards using special devices. They use measuring tools of the gas analyzer ‘Autotest’ and ‘Meta 01’. Kazakh motorists comment new rules differently. Some are glad that the air in the city will become cleaner, while others are not willing to change their old cars, complaining on the lack of money to purchase the new one that meets all the requirements.

“It’s right that the fines are being introduced. It will lead to cleaner air. People will not care about it otherwise. Therefore, I think that it is right that fines are imposed,” said a city resident.

 “You see, technologies are constantly developing, nevertheless, we still need to understand that not everyone has money to buy a new car that meets the standards. I drive a Euro 4 car, although Euro 6 version is already out,” a resident shares.

However, those, who do not want to pay big fines or part with their favorite cars, have a way out. They can equip their vehicle with special tools that reduce emissions. Especially since the car owners have at least six months to install them. Because, the law will come into force only this summer, in July.