Kazakhstan increases transit cargo flow

Kazakhstan increases transit cargo flow

The volume of transit traffic through Kazakhstan is growing. Thus, in 2022, more than 200,000 tonnes of various cargoes were delivered to the country through the Bolashak railway station in the Mangystau region alone.

“We have 60 minutes to check the wagons.  We serve trains arriving from different directions. Long-distance trains can become unstable. So, we freeze their left side and fix it. In our work, we use a sonic clamp. Railway workers inspect freight wagons,” Aralbai Orysbayev, railway worker at the Bolashak station, said.

As noted at the Bolashak railway station, exports of domestic products are increasing as well. Most of them are supplies of grain to Iran and Turkmenistan. It bears noting that Kazakhstan imports textiles and fruits from the neighboring Central Asian state.

“The Bolashak railway station can receive and send five trains per day. We will expand its capacity if cargo turnover continues to grow in the future. By the end of 2022, Turkmenistan delivered to us approximately 200,000 tonnes of cargo, and we shipped about 1.0002 million tonnes of cargo,” Maksat Nurbekov, Head of the Bolashak railway station, said.

Kazakhstan has become a transport corridor through which goods are exported from China and Russia to Turkmenistan and the Gulf states. In total, more than two million tonnes of cargo have been transported in transit through the country.