Kazakhstan intends to produce high-tech medical equipment

The production of ultrasound machines and computed tomography scanners may be launched in Kazakhstan. GE Healthcare, one of the world's leading medical equipment manufacturers, plans to collaborate with Kazakhstan not only in the supply of high-tech equipment but also in providing new methods for treating cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Elena Legezina, Director General of GE Healthcare in Russia and the CIS, discussed opportunities for new investment projects in Kazakhstan with Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. According to Legezina, the global manufacturer also intends to open two academies in Astana and Almaty, where domestic specialists will be trained to work with equipment and learn new treatment methods. In turn, the Prime Minister said that the government of Kazakhstan supports the implementation of new projects. Overall, by 2025, the country aims to increase the share of domestic pharmaceutical production up to 50 percent, as well as in-demand medical equipment. In addition, as part of the national projects, around 700 medical facilities are slated for construction or renovation. The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing to elaborate a cooperation agreement.