Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2022 kicks off in Astana

About 250 companies from 17 countries are taking part in the international exhibition for mechanical engineering and metalworking. The Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2022 is taking place at the EXPO exhibition center in Astana. It is attended by the participants from Europe, the CIS and Central Asia. In the exhibition pavilions, the companies present the newest and most modern products, useful for the development not only of engineering, but also medical, mining and metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

“Our company presents state-of-the-art technologies that are currently used in Europe. We can provide Kazakh manufacturers with modern technologies and machine tools that can increase the profits of each enterprise several times. We offer engineering services. We have a very large team of professionals who will modernize your enterprise and make it profitable,” Igor Pasichnyk, consultant of a Swiss engineering company, said.

The products of this international company attracted the attention of the exhibition visitors right away. The latest high-tech equipment has long established itself in the market of the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan. It can be used to accurately measure various parts and replace them with imported ones.  

“Reverse engineering is the main function of these machines. As a model, it will allow making a set of measurements with high accuracy to recreate these parts in the future. We are very happy with such a lively interest we are receiving towards our company and we hope to be useful to the entire Kazakh market, business, defense industry enterprises and other areas,” Constantine Pankin, representative of an international distribution company, said.

The event participants say that the exhibition platform is giving them a unique opportunity not only to show their products and find business partners, but also to exchange useful contacts and find new ideas for further development and promotion of their products.