Kazakhstan may introduce unified school uniform color from 2023

Kazakhstan may introduce a unified school uniform color starting 2023. Now, the proposal is being actively discussed by parents, teachers and organizations of secondary education.

“It is proposed to make changes on a unified color of the school uniform in a separate administrative territory. No preference should be given to individual service providers, when purchasing a school uniform. Parents are free to choose and buy school uniforms for their children,” said Zhomart Karambayev, a spokesperson of the Kazakh Ministry of Enlightenment.

Kazakh schools’ uniform requirements will remain the same in the new academic year. It is allowed to purchase a black suit, as well as burgundy or a plaid one, the main requirement is that it must be a classic-style. The Zhanzhigitovs made their choice quickly. Their middle son Assylzhan is getting ready for school, he has moved to the sixth grade.

“I have bought two pairs of trousers for my son, so that he can wear them in winter and autumn, as well as in warm seasons. And I bought a white shirt. The prices are reasonable enough and the quality is also good. Many parents can afford this school uniform. Being a mother, I believe that school uniforms are necessary,” said Shynarai Zhanzhigitova, mother of many children.

A school uniform for Assylzhan was bought in one of the Nur-Sultan’s stores. The company has its own sewing factory in Petropavl. In total, the enterprise produces approximately 300 items of clothing for schoolchildren.

“A school student should wear clothes made of natural fabric that have high thermal conductivity, since he can freeze in it. The uniform should be worn for a long period of time, therefore, we use some new fabric, as well as some new technologies,” said Asker Basheyev, the Director General of group of companies.

The sewing factory has been producing school uniforms for the sixth year. Clothes are mainly sold in the country’s capital. Prices are average in the country. Approximately, a set of clothes for a student of the fifth-seventh grade will range from 18,000 to 30,000 tenge. In addition, the department stores began sales a week ago. According to the company representatives, the peak of trade will be recorded in mid-late August.