Kazakhstan participates in 7th China-Eurasia Expo

Kazakhstan participates in 7th China-Eurasia Expo

A series of commercial documents worth US$475 million were signed by business owners from Kazakhstan and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The forum of entrepreneurs in Urumqi is being held as part of the seventh China-Eurasia EXPO. The contracts signed include agreements on Kazakhstan’s export of fruit and vegetables, the production of autoclaved concrete blocks, as well as a “smart” greenhouse project.

“At present, the Kazakh pavilion has reached agreements with six large Chinese companies both in terms of price and volume. We are planning to start work in October. In addition, we have finished products available, and the relevant agreement with a number of companies was also reached,” said company director Kanat Bektembayev.

20 Kazakh enterprises of light and food-processing industry presented over 140 product items, including vegetable oil, honey, confectionery, pasta, flour, and juices.

“Kazakhstan is presenting mainly food products. These are the items the local residents are keen on, such as flour, drinks, and juices. Many visitors of EXPO got interested in Kazakh pavilion and expressed their desire to purchase products made in Kazakhstan. We hope that this exhibition will allow for a new level of the trade and economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and China,” Zhang Shujun, Spokesperson for China-Eurasia Expo Secretariat, said.

It bears noting that the EXPO will run until September 23. The event is aimed at promoting cooperation between XUAR and Eurasian countries in the field of trade, finance, investment, tourism, science, new technologies and culture.