Kazakhstan plans to commence Turkish drone production in 2024

Kazakhstan is set to commence the production of Turkey’s Anka UAVs starting in 2024. According to Erol Oguz, a representative from Turkish Aerospace Industries, the company intends not only to share technology but also knowledge with domestic specialists. In the future, this initiative is expected to enable the country to independently manufacture drones with a complete production cycle. The amount of investment is currently under consideration. Overall, this project stems from the implementation of a memorandum on military-technical cooperation signed in 2022 between the Kazakhstan Engineering National Company and Turkish Aerospace Industries. It is worth noting that testing of Turkish drones began in the summer at a training center in the Zhambyl region.

“You know those kind of large-scale programs and projects should be understood in detail mutually. That’s why we still have some serious discussions with the top management level from our companies, from your government or some companies who can be a part of that program. So, actually we are ready to start any time, but of course it takes some time, so we are expecting to be more clear within the next year. And hopefully it will be launched within the next year,” said Erol Oguz, UAS Programs and Business Development Manager from Turkish Aerospace Industries.