Kazakhstan plans to export apples to European Union

Almaty Aport can become an international brand. The Almaty Region Apple Growers Association (ARAGA) confirmed that they had already collected all the necessary documents for its registration. The materials will be sent to France, Poland, Spain and Russia. In the future, this will enable the protection of both the origin and quality of Aport apples when they are distributed to these countries. On October 13, this variety was officially registered as a Kazakh product, acquiring national status. With this recognition, Almaty Aport is set to stand out on the shelves of foreign markets. Turkistan chocolate and ice cream, along with Karagandy ice cream, have also earned a place in the state register of the country’s geographical indications.

“Now work is underway to recognize Almaty aport as an international brand. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done in this regard. For example, the ARAGA previously submitted a corresponding application to the National Institute of Intellectual Property for the apple’s registration as a Kazakh brand. To gain international recognition, apple producers need to determine a list of countries where they seek legal protection for Almaty Aport. In turn, the Ministry of Justice is ready to provide all necessary assistance,” said Talgat Uali, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Justice.

In addition to Aport, the Kazakh Ministry of Justice is working on patenting such national dishes as kymyz, kozhe and kurt. Kazakhstan places significant emphasis on the development of intellectual property, with ongoing improvements in the national system for registering objects, services digitalization, and of course, the expansion of international cooperation.