Kazakhstan ranks 13th among Asian states in terms of housing affordability

Kazakhstan is ranked 13th out of 40 Asian countries in terms of housing affordability. Among 113 countries in the index, the country is ranked 33rd. Such data were prepared by the Numbeo portal’s analysts. The experts took into account the ratio of the cost of housing and the average annual income of the family. Thus, to compare it with other CIS countries, Uzbekistan is ranked 75th, Russia - 88th, and Belarus - 90th. At the top of the ranking are such countries as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and at the bottom is Syria. Ranking.kz reports that according to the Bureau of National Statistics, last month the price of new housing in Kazakhstan amounted to almost 436,000 tenge per square meter with a growth of 17 percent. The price of apartments on the secondary market increased by 27 percent and reached almost 490,000 tenge per square meter. Despite this, analysts believe that the apartments in the country still remain relatively inexpensive and affordable - on a global scale.