Kazakhstan reviews possibility of producing green aviation fuel

Kazakhstan is considering the possibility of producing an alternative type of aviation fuel which will increase the attractiveness of the country for foreign air carriers. As noted by foreign experts during the first Kazakhstan Aviation Talks, the creation of such production will also have a positive impact on strengthening the position of the country in the region in the field of aviation security development. According to Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, President of the IPADIS international non-governmental organization, Kazakhstan is setting trends in the industry for all neighboring states of the region.

“Kazakhstan is a leading country in Central Asia geographically located between Asia and Europe, and with the land mass very important for your aviation development. I believe aviation can contribute and is already contributing to the economic development of your country. This conference is evidence of your leadership in the aviation. And we are very pleased and hope that the results arising from this conference would be implemented by your government fully in order to strengthen further your leadership position in civil aviation in this area and globally,” said Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu.

At one of the ICAO conferences, the member states of the organization agreed to replace jet fuel with a more environmentally friendly and safe fuel by 2050. Kazakhstan, for example, like other countries in the region, is able to produce green biofuels. In the opinion of the representatives of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an alternative product can be obtained from municipal solid waste.

“Of course, there is a demand in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. When we look at the SAF manufacturing, currently there are two main sources. One of them is from the grains, the second is from the waste. Majority of the SAF manufacturing is from grains, while this has to move towards waste. There are billions of people in this world having very little access to food. Every day thousands of people are dying because of hunger. That’s why, it’s necessary to find alternative ways such as waste processing to manufacture SAF,” said Mehmet Nane, Chairman of the IATA Board of Governors.