Kazakhstan’s automobile industry sees rise in production

Kazakhstan is increasing its car production. Despite global shortages, in the first nine months of 2022, the country produced more than 78,000 vehicles of all types. It is 23 percent more compared to the same period last year.

According to Kazakhstan’s Association of Automobile Businesses, the country is not slowing down its car production pace, although the global automotive industry is currently experiencing certain obstacles with the supply of auto parts. Nevertheless, since the beginning of the year, vehicles worth 799.5 billion tenge have been produced in Kazakhstan. Overall, by the end of 2022, motor vehicle production is projected to grow by at least seven percent. For now, this is just a forecast. And, of course, the passenger cars come first. Their number has increased by nearly 30 percent compared to last year. In total, it is more than 71,000 cars. They are mainly produced in Kostanai. Since the start of 2022, over 48,000 cars, trucks and buses have been assembled there. Nearly 26,000 cars were manufactured in the Almaty plant. In addition, over 1,600 vehicles were produced in Semei and about 900 trucks in Kokshetau.