Kazakhstan’s National Bank releases new collector coins

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has released new collector coins featuring images of prominent historical figures such as scholar al-Farabi, akyn Suyunbai Aronuly and kui composer Kurmangazy. They have replenished the ‘Portraits on Banknotes’ series. The coins, with denominations of 200 and 500 tenge, will be available for sale starting from December 8.

“I would like to present three coins minted from silver and nickel silver, Al-Farabi, Kurmangazy and Suyunbai. It is worth reminding that all coins of this series released in 2011 were initially minted from gold. Then, in 2014, three of them were issued in silver and nickel silver. Now, in response to numerous requests from collectors, we have decided to supplement this series with the coins minted from these metals. The silver coins will have a circulation of 2,000 copies and the nickel silver ones - 50,000 copies,” said Almat Bassenov, Chief Designer of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.