Kazakhstan’s oil production to reach 90.5 million tonnes in 2023

This year, Kazakhstan intends to produce 90.5 million tonnes of oil, which is seven percent more than in 2022, according to the country’s Energy Ministry. A nine percent increase in oil and gas production is expected in the West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions, while the Mangystau region is projected to experience a seven percent growth. In terms of gas production, this year’s output is expected to reach 53.5 billion cubic meters, which is one percent higher than the previous year, with the Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions contributing the largest share. It bears noting that Kazakhstan and China are set to cooperate in the field of exploration and development of oil and gas fields, pipeline transportation, and oil refining. The joint venture will conduct geological exploration at five sites, including Zharkyn, Bolashak, Northern Ozen, Berezovsky, and Mugodzhary. Additionally, the countries are planning research for the project aimed at expanding the throughput capacity of the Kenkiyak-Atyrau and Kenkiyak-Kumkol oil pipelines. The resource base, market and business models for increasing production at the Shymkent Oil Refinery will also be analyzed.