Kazakhstan’s pavilion to be presented at Venice Biennale

Kazakh artists will present their works at the 60th edition of the Venice Art Biennale, which will take place in Italy from April 20 to November 24. They will show a modern interpretation of the ancient legend about the mythical land called Jeruiyq. Among the artists is Kamil Mullashev, who attempts to reveal the philosophy of Assan Kaigy’s search for the promised land in his works. According to the artist’s concept, this land is the Great Steppe. For the Venice exhibition, the master brought two paintings from the well-known triptych ‘Earth and Time. Kazakhstan’ created in the 1970s. They depict themes of space and oil, which are relevant to this day.

“My goal is to show that Kazakhstan is a developed country with a space station and oil and gas reserves through modern philosophy. Therefore, the whole world will see how rich in resources and technologies our country is,” Mullashev said.

This year, works by the outstanding Kazakh artist Kamil Mullashev will be showcased in several international exhibitions and events. Already this week, the artist’s unique paintings will be presented in Los Angeles, along with the works of 40 renowned artists from around the world. In May, Mullashev will participate in the largest international festival, World Art Dubai. Also in May, several of his popular and famous works will become part of a special exhibition at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Besides, the unique works of the Kazakh artist will be sent to Germany, and in the fall, they will be presented to the discerning audience at the gallery of the renowned Louvre Museum in France. Moreover, this year, a solo exhibition of the Kazakh painter dedicated to his 80th anniversary is planned to be held in the Kazakh capital. 

“I’m showcasing various works, thus, I can send one painting to the U.S., another one to Italy, and also to Dubai. Each piece has its specific concept and aesthetic. I believe that my best paintings are still ahead. My mind is filled with lots of thoughts. Currently, I am working on a painting that reveals the human attitude toward life. In general, I strive to demonstrate the beauty of the national culture in my works,” Mullashev added.