Kazakhstan’s Saty named World’s Best Tourism Village

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recognized the Saty village in the Kolsai lakes national park of the Almaty region as the Best Tourism Village 2023. The UNWTO launched this initiative back in 2021, aiming to promote tourism as a catalyst for rural area development and well-being.

“To date, the village stands out as a leader in providing accommodations through the constant involvement of local residents. Over the past five years, the village has witnessed the construction of convenient trails and pathways. To share Saty’s successful experience within Kazakhstan, information tours were organized for Kazakh tour operators and guesthouse owners from other regions, along with educational training and seminars. As of 2023, 90 guesthouses and 30 hotels operate in Saty, a twofold increase from 2019,” said Yernur Kenzhebekov, Press Secretary of Kazakh Tourism National Company.

This is not the village’s first international award. In 2020, Saty was honored as the best community-based tourism destination by the renowned Lonely Planet travel guidebook.