Kazakhstan’s sights app to be available in Arabic

A special app to help tourists from Arab countries learn more about sights in Kazakhstan is planned to be developed by Khalid Almutairi, a travel blogger from Kuwait, together with Kazakh IT specialists. He had already written a book about Kazakhstan, its modern cities, historical monuments, as well as natural reserves a few years ago. However, this information is insufficient in the digital age we live in. According to the developer, creating a full travel guide for those wishing to explore the beauty of the Kazakh Great Steppe requires an application with constantly updated information. The KazGo platform, based on the way Arab people see Kazakhstan, is designed to promote the tourist destination and make traveling around the country easier for foreigners. In addition, the mobile app will be available not only in Arabic but also in other languages.

“Kazakhstan is a vast and interesting country. Foreigners, especially from Arab countries, should learn about it, as well as about such cities as Almaty and Astana. I first visited the country in 2019. However, before my trip to Kazakhstan, I had a hunger for information, there was very little data about historical places and sights, thus, we had to use Google Maps. At that time, I came up with the idea to create an application containing information about your country for tourists from Arab states. Kazakhstan is a country you can’t help but fall in love with. Only those who have visited the Great Steppe can understand me,” Khalid Almutairi, travel blogger from Kuwait, said.

It bears noting that the Kazakh government also does a great amount of work to attract foreign tourists to the country.

“Kazakhstan consistently attracts tourists from Arab countries. For example, there have been more direct flights between Kazakhstan and the UAE since January of this year. Also, our country actively participates in international exhibitions in the region, invites influencers as part of information tours and holds B2B meetings. Kazakh tour operators and local tourism businesses will participate in B2B meetings in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and Doha (Qatar) at the end of the month,” Aidana Dzhezmurzina, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, said.

According to Zawya, the Middle Eastern source for business, interest and demand for Kazakhstan as a tourist destination have significantly increased among visitors from Arab countries since Kazakh travel companies presented the country in a fascinating way and concluded many contracts at the Arabian Travel Market. Moreover, Kazakhstan was awarded as the best trending destination for Middle East tourists at the event.