Kazakhstan’s tourism potential presented in Beijing

Kazakhstan’s tourism potential presented in Beijing

Digital exhibition entitled ‘Hologram of the Silk Road: Digital Tourism in Kazakhstan’ kicked off in Beijing. The interactive exposition, which will be open to the residents of the Chinese capital for a month, will unveil the tourist destinations, culture, traditions and history of Kazakhstan.

“The exhibition presents the augmented and virtual realities, space simulation, total immersion, as well as big-screen broadcasting. I am sure this exhibition will enable more people to learn about Kazakhstan, its beautiful nature and the hospitality of the people,” said Chen Xiao Han, spokesperson for a Beijing science and technology company.

“Today I was able to see the magnificent nature of Kazakhstan. I’ve never been to your country before, as there was no such opportunity. Getting to know Kazakhstan via digital technology, I realized that I would definitely want to visit it as soon as I have the opportunity,” shared exhibition visitor Gao Xiang.

In addition, the exhibition focused on the cooperation between Kazakhstan and China. On a separate screen, the visitors could follow the main milestones of interaction between the two states over the 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

“Modern technologies are highly relevant nowadays, one can do a lot using them. Despite the fact that this is a virtual exhibition, all that we have seen here is quite real. I think this exhibition should be organized in other cities as well. Such events are very important as they strengthen the diplomatic relations between the states,” noted Yao Peisheng, Former Ambassador of China to Kazakhstan.

The participants agreed that digital tourism can encourage visitors of the exhibition to see Kazakhstan’s tourist spots presented there in real life.