Kazakhstan set to produce 441,000 tonnes of diesel fuel in April

Kazakhstan’s total diesel fuel reserves currently stand at 309,000 tonnes. Besides, it is projected that an additional 441,000 tonnes will be produced this April. Thus, the total volume of diesel will reach about 750,000 tonnes this month. This was announced by Kazakh Minister of Energy Almassadam Satkaliyev at a meeting of the Government Coordination Center. It was also noted that the government is taking all necessary measures to ensure stable production in processing plants. In particular, shipments of petroleum products at the Shymkent Oil Refinery, where repairs have been completed ahead of schedule, have already commenced. In addition, over 3,000 gas stations were reviewed. Special attention has been given to facilities that have a remaining stockpile of fuel, but their sales are declining. Overall, 152 such filling stations have been identified across the country.