Kazakhstan sets Guinness World Record for largest dual sided Rubik’s cube mosaic

Kazakh magician illusionist Zhenis Aitzhanov set another Guinness World Record by assembling the world’s largest dual sided Rubik’s cube mosaic. It was presented during the Almaty City Day celebrations. It took Aitzhanov and his team more than 5,000 Rubik’s cubes and 12 hours of time to create this artwork, preparation took much longer, namely a year and a half. Aitzhanov was inspired by a similar Rubik’s cube record, which entered the Guinness Book, and decided to set a new record registered by the official representative office from the UK. According to the young man, his team wants to donate the puzzle to the museum of modern art, which is planned to open in the metropolis. It is the fifth record set by Aitzhanov, which was registered in the annual Guinness Book of Records.