Kazakhstan to allocate 73,000 grants for bachelor`s degree admission

Kazakhstan will allocate about 73,000 grants for bachelor`s degree admission in the new academic year. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the public procurement for the training of specialists in engineering, manufacturing and construction was increased. In particular, the share of scholarships in technical majors grew by 60 percent. The number of quotas for children from socially vulnerable segments of population was raised as well. The scholarship will be available to children from large or single-parent families, as well as those applicants whose families raise children with special needs. This year’s innovation is a new type of grant, which will be allocated to young people from densely populated and western regions of the country to study at leading higher education institutions. This will allow 10,000 high school graduates from Atyrau and Mangystau regions to enter universities. Kazakhstan allocated more than 13,000 grants for admission to master`s degree, and more than 1,800 grants for PhD studies.


Translation by Aliya Kulmagambetova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova