Kazakhstan to create 10 animation projects based on ancient Turkic legends

The production of animated films based on ancient Turkic legends has started in Kazakhstan. There are plans to release a total of ten cartoons, each with a duration of over five minutes. It bears noting that the selection of these animated movies was based on the results of a competition in which 26 animation studios participated by submitting their applications. In total, 40 scripts were received telling stories of prominent figures, sacred animals, holidays, and national entertainment of Turkic-speaking countries.

“The pilot animation projects, launched into production, differ in both genre and subject matter, with each one being uniquely distinct. This initiative will not only enhance cooperation among Turkic-speaking states but also enable Kazakh animation studios to tap into new markets and expand their audience. Additionally, it marks the first step towards creating joint animation projects with fraternal countries in the future,” Serik Abishev, acting President of Kazakhfilm studio, said.