Kazakhstan to implement new rural medicine projects

655 outpatient clinics and medical centers are planned to be built in Kazakh villages. Preparatory works together with the regions’ authorities have already begun, the Kazakh Health Minister stated at the Mazhilis meeting. According to Azhar Giniyat, preliminary design and working draft, as well as the master plan have already been developed, while the selection of land plots is currently underway. Overall, a number of new projects, aimed at improving the quality of medical care, are being implemented in the field of rural medicine. As Giniyat noted, the best practices of primary health care based on the ‘Patient-Centered Approach’ approved by the WHO are being introduced.

“The local polyclinic of the Yenbekshikazakh district of the Almaty region was recognized as a primary health care demonstration site for 53 member states of the European Region of the World Health Organization. The WHO established demonstration sites in three countries of the European region, including Kazakhstan, Sweden and Spain,” Giniyat said.

The Health Minister also spoke about the multidisciplinary district hospitals. According to her, priority is given to improving approaches to providing medical care there, as well as introducing advanced methods of diagnostics and surgical treatment.

“The best practices in the introduction and implementation of standards were observed in the Ayagoz multidisciplinary district central hospital. It has introduced modern diagnostic and treatment methods used in the international and domestic practice, including minimally invasive surgical interventions, diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, hernioplasty, arthroscopy, and intramedullary osteosynthesis. At present, their positive work experience is adopted by the health professionals from North Kazakhstan, Akmola, Zhambyl and other regions,” added Giniyat.