Kazakhstan to launch bridge operation management system by end of 2023

By the end of the year, Kazakhstan will launch the bridge operation management system, which will collect passport data of each facility and the results of their condition survey. This will automate budget planning for the maintenance of bridges and road junctions. And most importantly, it will allow to strengthen control and detection, as well as to eliminate all defects at an early stage. As noted by experts, such processes will definitely reduce the cost of bridge maintenance. The specialists of the Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute began to develop the digital database at the start of this year, relying on the experience of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. To date, a prototype of the program has already been created. The system interface design is under completion. Additionally, a methodology for assessing the technical condition of road bridges and overpasses has been developed.

“In the future, we are planning to launch a monitoring module. There are extra-class bridges, which need to be handled carefully and correctly during construction and further operation. Special movement and precipitation sensors should be installed. We are going to reach this level regarding not only roads of national significance, but also city bridges,” said Kaisar Shalkar, spokesperson for the Kazakhstan Road Research Institute.

Overall, there are about 1,500 car bridges and interchanges on roads of national significance in Kazakhstan. Now experts are processing the results of the survey of connecting structures in the Almaty, Zhambyl, Turkistan, Akmola, North Kazakhstan, and Pavlodar regions. Four bridges have already been included in the information system, and 16 more are planned to be put in the database by the end of the year.