Kazakhstan to launch projects in mining and metallurgical industry

Kazakhstan plans to launch a number of investment projects in the mining and metallurgical industry in the next four years. Two enterprises will be built in the next couple of years. They will be located in Karagandy region. This is a coal-processing plant with a capacity of 1,200 tonnes per hour and a ferroalloy factory with sinter plant with a total capacity of 57,000 tonnes of products per year. Spokespeople of the relevant ministry said that their launch will increase the investment flow to the industry and the productivity of the manufacturing industry.

“Both projects are being implemented under the state program of industrial and innovative development for 2020-2025, so it is possible to add projects that are planned. There will be a new project for the production of technical silicon in Ekibastuz. Similar projects will also be implemented in other regions, including the non-ferrous metal and iron ore mining. So, the prospects of these projects are high,” said Zhanat Igisinov, spokesperson for the Industrial Development Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Industry.

Experts say that according to the results of the past year, a positive trend continued in the entire manufacturing sector of the country. For example, the volume of production in metallurgical industry increased by 2.6 percent and in a nonferrous metallurgy by 2.8 percent. In addition, among other industries of the country, the mining and metallurgical industry is also the leader in terms of attracting investments. Also, the sector is completely export-oriented.

“As for the ferrous metallurgy, the main exporters are the ‘Kazchrome’ Transnational Company. They produce ferroalloys, in particular ferrochrome, including high-carbon, medium-carbon and low-carbon ones. The goods are exported to Western Europe, North America, Chile, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East,” added Igisinov.