Kazakhstan to open 226 comfortable schools by end of 2024

401 comfortable schools will be built in Kazakhstan to eliminate the problem concerning school buildings in emergency condition and three-shift study. 226 of them will be commissioned by the end of 2024, while the rest will open by the end of 2025. This was announced by the leadership of the Kazakh Enlightenment Ministry at an expanded meeting of the Amanat party faction. The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of implementation of the Comfortable School national project that will last from 2023 to 2025 and cost 2.6 trillion tenge. The funds will be allocated from the state budget and the National Fund and used in stages. About 1.36 trillion tenge is planned to be spent on construction works. In addition, 200 billion tenge will be allocated for the maintenance of the schools. It bears noting that the company approved to implement this project promises to build schools of high quality and within the scheduled timeline.

“The difference between comfortable and general education schools is that the technical equipment rate will be increased from six to 20 percent, that is more gyms, robotics, and other facilities will be provided. It will differ from Binom innovative schools as well. It all depends on what kind of school we would like our children to be enrolled in. Our company is set to carry out design work, conduct a state examination in accordance with the design and estimate documentation,” said Maulen Aimanbetov, chairman of the Samruk-Kazyna Construction.