Kazakhstan to produce over 100,000 cars per year

The automotive industry of Kazakhstan shows great success, seeing the growth of indicators at least by 15 to 20 percent both in the manufacturing and in export every year. According to the experts of the Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business, two out of three sold cars are of domestic assembly. Thus, residents of the country have purchased 28,500 domestic cars over five months of this year. Overall, nearly 67,000 units of machinery were assembled last year, including buses and trucks. More than 8,000 cars were exported. Cars made in Kazakhstan are also in high demand among the citizens of Russia and Uzbekistan.

The domestic auto industry is set to produce more than 100,000 cars per year in the nearest future. It is also planned to significantly increase the assortment. As experts noted, the main goal today is to renew the vehicle fleet of the country as much as possible.

“If before we had few brands on the market, the range was very poor, today we have cars made both in Korea and America. In the future, there will be other investors and brands coming to us as the domestic automotive industry. We already have the Trade-in system, which has also proven itself well, when you can sell your car in a few years at almost the same price at which you bought and, again, upgrade to a new car from the showroom,” said Yerbol Seipilov, Director for Technical Regulation, Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova