Kazakhstan to provide proton therapy for cancer patients

Kazakhstan will be the first country in Central Asia to provide proton therapy for cancer patients. The only such institution in the region will be located at the new National Oncology Research Center, it can receive up to 6,000 patients per year. It will carry out radionuclide diagnostics and therapy as well as produce radiopharmaceuticals. There will also be a hematology oncology center capable of performing up to 200 bone marrow transplants annually. The second block of the facility will be a scientific and educational center with a 140-bed hospital, three operating theaters, and a large diagnostic clinic. The oncology center, equipped according to the latest international standards, is to be launched in Astana in the first half of 2024. Leading international companies from Switzerland and the U.S. were involved in the project implementation. Construction works are already 90 percent complete.