Kazakhstan to shoot more historical films

There will be more historical films made in Kazakhstan. The country’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed the responsible state agencies and local TV channels to shoot new historical content. In his article “Independence is the most important thing”, he noted that over the years of independence, there have been many important discoveries, which showed to the whole world that our history dates back much further. Fruits of such knowledge should become available for a wide audience. Indeed, in this field Kazakh film industry can show quite a lot. The country’s rich history has a great many important events, which might be the basis of such films. President Tokayev cites the example of the Golden Horde’s history, one of the most powerful empires in the world. According to his article, even now, scripts of historical films are in demand in the global film industry. Kazakh filmmakers agree with him.

“We have been preparing a new plan since the first days of the new year. Of course, there will be the upcoming board meeting, plus yesterday, on the official website, we opened submissions of applications, scripts and synopses. This year we want to reflect the global topics that are very important for our country. This is the 30th anniversary of independence, and there is also a series of events that are related to the activities of prominent people, historical figures of our country. And in that sense, we will direct our filmmakers to make new low-budget films, these will be debut films. We will use the previous experience when young aspiring filmmakers had the opportunity to showcase themselves,” said Yessetzhan Kossubayev, Chairperson of the State Center for Support of National Cinema.