Kazakhstan to take part in Zhamby Atu World Cup in Saudi Arabia

A book and children’s comic books about the national equestrian game Zhamby Atu are planned to be released in Kazakhstan next year. Besides, a special online game will be launched in the country to promote that sport, as was announced by President of the Zhamby Atu Federation Yerkebulan Ilyassov during a press briefing. According to him, all those measures are aimed at supporting the national sport and fostering interest in it among the younger generation. Special attention is given to modern digital solutions. For instance, lasers and pedestrian pathways for horses as well as a video surveillance system, are being implemented. A special mobile application will enable online monitoring of the game.

“Next year, we plan to launch our mobile application, which will allow representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Tourism and Sport and fans to find out online which athletes are participating, how many points they have scored, and how far the participant’s arrow has flown. Our main goal is to ensure that with the help of modern digital technologies, our competitions and championships always take place openly and fairly,” said Ilyassov.

In general, 12 national and six international Zhamby Atu championships are planned to be held in Kazakhstan in 2024. The competitions will include female participants for the first time. Additionally, domestic athletes will travel to Saudi Arabia for the Zhamby Atu world championship later this month.