Kazakhstan tops ranking for cheapest gasoline prices among 32 countries

Kazakhstan has the cheapest gasoline. According to the results of a research by a Russian ranking agency, the country took the first place among 32 European states for the cheapest AI-95 gasoline price. Domestic gas stations sell it for 197 tenge (US$0.46) per liter. Diesel fuel, as experts said, also has a relatively low price, a liter of which costs 193 tenge (US$0.45). The second place in the ranking was taken by Russia, where a liter of AI-95 gasoline costs 283 tenge (US$0.66). 334 tenge (US$0.78) is the price for gasoline in gas stations of Belarus, which was ranked the third. Analysts calculated that the most expensive fuel and lubricants cost the residents of the Netherlands. Here local residents have to pay about 934 tenge (US$2.19) for a liter of fuel.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova