Kazakhstan, Tunisia set to broaden cooperation in agriculture

A full-fledged olive oil production may be launched in Kazakhstan with the support of Tunisian specialists, who are set to invest in the venture and train domestic farmers to cultivate olive orchards, as announced by representatives of the Tunisia’s delegation at a briefing in Astana. It bears noting that Tunisia currently supplies Kazakhstan with olive oil and dates. In turn, Kazakhstan began exporting wheat to Tunisia this year, with delivery volumes surpassing 70,000 tonnes. This figure is expected to increase in the long term, according to the Tunisian side. Such bilateral cooperation and the development of new agricultural areas is a matter of the common food security of the countries. Tunisia is ready to share its knowledge on modern technologies and innovations within the industry. The parties have signed a corresponding memorandum.

“We are planning to conclude new contracts with Kazakhstan in the agricultural sector. In particular, we would like to direct investment into the olives cultivating projects here. This area requires fundamental research. Our republic has numerous research institutes in this field. Our countries can foster cooperation in crop research,” said Tunisia’s Minister of Agriculture Abdelmonem Belati.

“As an international organization, we are making every effort to engage prominent scientists in the industry, and seek technical assistance from countries that have succeeded in the field of agriculture,” noted Yerlan Baidaulet, Director General of the Islamic Organization for Food Security.