Kazakhstan, UK to develop joint renewable energy projects

Kazakhstan is actively attracting investors to enhance the renewable energy sector. The UK intends to develop joint green projects, primarily focusing on wind and solar energy. The British side presented the UK Program Fund for Climate, Energy, and Water Security for Central Asia, with a total funding of around £20 million allocated for the next three years. Currently, green energy accounts for nearly six percent of Kazakhstan's total electricity generation. Auction trading, whose schedule has been approved in the country until 2027, will boost the development of the sector.

“Also, convenient conditions are provided for international investors, enabling them to identify specific plans of interest, as well as prepare and participate in auctions. There are plans to auction over six gigawatts of renewable energy capacities, with a significant portion allocated to wind energy, which holds great potential in Kazakhstan,” said Zhaslan Kassenov, Director of the Renewable Energy Department of the Kazakh Ministry of Energy. 

Presently, there are over 140 renewable energy facilities operating in the country, with a total capacity of nearly three gigawatts. The Kazakh government aims to increase the share of renewable and alternative energy in the country's energy balance to 50 percent over the next 26 years, and it is taking systematic steps toward this objective. This year’s plans involve putting into operation renewable energy facilities with a capacity of around 260 megawatts, totaling approximately 80 billion tenge.

“It is worth noting that the funding for these projects comes directly from investors, rather than Kazakhstan’s state budget. As I mentioned earlier, we plan to implement the majority of projects in the field of wind energy,” Kassenov added.

According to experts, as Kazakhstan moves towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, green energy will replace traditional energy sources, becoming the foundation of the country’s generating capacity.