Kazakhstan undertakes research to save Aral Sea

The preservation of the ecosystems of the Caspian and Aral Sea basins, along with the minimization of flood consequences in the region, are important objectives. In pursuit of these goals, a dedicated international fund has been established in Kazakhstan. According to its founder, Zhanbolat Nadyrov, the organization’s goals align with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's call to pay special attention to water-related issues. Additionally, at the SPECA Summit in Baku, the Head of State proposed that countries unite to jointly address climate change and environmental issues, as well as efficiently manage transboundary water resources. The Kazakh President emphasized that solving these issues individually is impossible, citing the Aral Sea situation as an example, as the consequences of its drying affect not only countries in the region but also beyond its borders. The fund believes that addressing water issues should begin with small-scale research and engineering projects, one of which involves the exploration of the Yertis and Yessil rivers. In this regard, a comprehensive research project was conducted in collaboration with the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Water Management, initiated by the international organization in the autumn of this year.

“Exploring the lower reaches of the Yessil River will be highly beneficial for us. It will contribute to the development of territories of the former Torgai region, now comprising the southern part of the Kostanai region, the southern part of the Aktobe region, the western part of the Ulytau region, and the Kyzylorda region. Following the filling of the Shalkarteniz River, the water will flow further into the Aral Sea. There is an old riverbed there, and as a result of this expedition, we have reviewed and checked everything. I believe that expanding the dam of the Small Aral Sea and diverting water from the Yertis River to the Syr Darya River will be the first step in addressing this global issue,” said Zhanbolat Nadyrov, founder of the International Caspian-Aral Basin Ecosystem Revival and Flood Mitigation Fund.