Keyboard for blind people brings international recognition to kazakh school students

Kazakh schoolchildren receive international recognition. High school students from Aktobe - Zhannur Ayip and Daniyar Chutenev developed a keyboard for the blind. The know-how was a runner up at the Expo-Sciences Mexico virtual Olympiad, which was attended by over 60 teams from 17 countries.

“Our keyboard works on a different principle. If on regular keyboard to enter a certain letter you need to press one button, then in our case you will need to press combinations. We believe that our project is unique and we would like it to develop. And we want to participate in other competitions, if possible,” Zhannur Ayip said.

The students worked on the innovation for about a year - they carefully thought through every detail. The device consists of six buttons similar to the six dots used to construct symbols and letters in Braille. In the future, the young scientists intend to improve their project.

“The most ambitious addition that we would like to make to our device is the addition of our own display. Why do we need it? At the moment, our device is capable of entering letters and numbers. Let's say in different alphabets such as Russian, Kazakh and English as well. But, we want the user to be able not only to enter, but also to feel and know which characters he or she entered,” Daniyar Chutenev added.

According to the developers, the device has already been successfully tested, now it's just a matter of getting a patent. According to them, in the future they intend to work on other equally useful and large-scale projects that will help people.

Translation and editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova