Knitted New Year tree established in Nur-Sultan

Knitted New Year tree established in Nur-Sultan

A six-meter knitted New Year tree was established in Nur-Sultan. The unique art piece was made in the national style called “Kurak korpe”, traditionally made patchwork quilts. Nearly 200 amateur craftsmen from different regions of the country and even from abroad knitted patchwork tree. The outfit for the New Year tree consists of 2,000 multi-colored knitted patchwork quilts, which took over 70 kilograms of yarn. The creators plan to break their record next year and knit an even higher New Year decoration.

It is a very beautiful New Year tree. There is an ornament. This tree is probably the most beautiful in the city.

New Year tree is so beautiful. Let there be more such New Year trees in the country, in Nur-Sultan.

I read that knitted New Year tree is being prepared. Finally, we saw it. It is very beautiful.

In such way, we preserve our nature, New Year trees, and also show our national applied art. It can be seen that it is made of natural materials and does not harm the environment.